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Business Name Qingdao Ewha Korean School
Your Business Type Private Organization
Logo / Photo
Contact Details
Contact Name Operations Manager
Position (Director / Supervisor / etc) Operations Manager
Website URL http://ewhaschool.net/?main
Email schoolewhayahoo.com
Telephone 0532-8776-7184
Cell phone
Office Address
Street Address 10 mins from Holiday Inn Parkview by foot.
City / Town Qingdao
Province/ State Qingdao
ZIP / Post Code 266109
Country China
About We are still seeking qualified applicants to fill (3) ESL teaching positions here in Qingdao, China. We have been flexible with selection possibilities but thus far, we have not secured the personnel that weve been seeking.

Presently, we are seeking American teachers with at least a 4-year degree from an accredited American college. You must have a TESOL that included monitored in class teaching supervision. (Online TESOL certificates will not be accepted.) We prefer to see applicants that have prior experience teaching Korean students in the middle and high school levels. We also have one position open for an elementary school teacher. We would like to see a CELTA, CELTYL or DELTA certificate if at all possible. Certified teachers would be a big plus since we can clear you faster. Someone with at least 3-years of valid teaching experience and a combination of the certificates and/or relevant skill sets would be of great interest to us.

We work Monday-Friday from 0800-1700 hours.
We do not ever work on weekends.
The teaching load is 22-hours per week.
Each class is 40-mins in duration.
The salary is 10,000 RMB per month AFTER TAX.
We can and will get you a Z visa.
A clean, modern, furnished, western style apartment is provided.
The position involves teaching ESL and TOEFL prep.
Free lunch is provided daily. The food is Korean food and it is good and there is enough food to fill a person up. The lunch period is one hour in duration.

We make hiring decisions based on experience and qualifications. Race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion are not considered as a basis for hiring.

This is a low stress position working around a good team of people in a friendly setting in a really nice area of Qingdao, China. We are about 10-mins on foot, away from the Holiday Inn Parkview in Qingdao. We are also about 10-mins from the Qingdao Airport.

The school is Korean owned. There are foreign managers here from the USA.

We are interested in hiring qualified personnel immediately. We are expanding for one thing. Some people are rotating out for another, and some current personnel are only part-time and we need full-time staff.

This is our Web site. http://ewhaschool.net/?main
This is our Yahoo email address. schoolewhayahoo.com

If you are qualified and if you want a solid position without drama and the usual BS, please email us your resume ASAP and we will most certainly get in touch with you. Do not send us scans of anything. A current color photo would be appreciated with your updated resume. If we hire you, we will need your documentation for the Z visa process.
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